Wine Dynasty

wine dynasty

Wine Dynasty


The legacy of Wine Dynasty started when one day their founder ventured deep into the countryside of Chile, in search of the best wine in the world. It was then he discovered the wonderful, robust flavours of Santa Ema wine, which had an after taste that was so fascinating that he fell in love with the wine and wanting for more.

It was at that moment he knew that Santa Ema was something different, and it is the gem of the century.

As if he had discovered fire, he was charged with full of excitement, and thought to himself, ” Yes! This is something everyone needs to try! I am sure that everyone back in Malaysia will love it so much!”

With a burning desire to share the best wine he had discovered, he took one step further in his adventures and that was when Wine Dynasty was born.

Wine Dynasty imports exclusive wines from around the globe, and all of their wines are genuinely handcrafted, serving you with the most irresistible wine in the world.

Wine Dynasty has a dedicated team of experts who have personally tested more than one thousand wines yearly and selected the most valuable hidden gems, award-winning classics as well as exciting robust flavours from all over the world; giving you a sensation of world travel.

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